Catalysts’ first in market software has many important features to align employees and leaders to deliver better performance and increase productivity. We provide your agents and leaders with immediate access to a toolbox of features including coaching, training, development resources and reporting.

Below are the features offered by our software:

Tiered Interface
Tiered Interface
Our software provides a unique interface that is customized to the level of each user.

  • Individualized permission levels
  • Easily access your tier of information along with all users that report directly to you

Fully Customizable
Fully Customizable
Each company has the ability to rebrand the software to meet the needs of their specific business.

  • Encompass your corporate identity with your name and logo
  • Create a tailored framework for your company profile
  • Ability to customize software to match company terminology

Our homepage provides users with a unique, modern interface that is easily recognizable to everyone.

Manage your team through:

  • Real Time Team Notifications
  • Set clear and distinct expectations
  • Easily manage a growing list of logins and ongoing password changes
  • Monitor and track training course completions
  • Create personal, eye catching memos with an effortless paper free platform

Team Management
Team Management
Never lose sight of center updates and performance by managing communication through notifications and focus areas.

  • Create highly visible team notifications
  • New notifications are flagged to each user
  • Publish team focuses for a consistent message
  • Overview of each users past and current employee profile
  • Document and track employee progress

Coach Logs
Coach Logs
Manage individual and team performance through a set of coaching templates tailored to match company needs.

  • Pre-loaded coaching templates for employee and leadership development
  • Each employee has immediate access to view their own coaching and development logs
  • Create new coach logs, follow up and inspect employee success
  • Seamlessly monitor current and historical entries
  • Top down coaching ensures subordinate collaboration and implementation

Resource Library
Resource Library
House internal documents including training and developmental documents in one easy to access location.

  • Create your own headers and sub-headers to organize materials
  • Provide all levels of users with immediate access
  • Post everything from ongoing training to coaching materials and templates. Any documents your company requires

Monitor and track employee attrition.

  • Ability to diagnose employees at risk of leaving the company and implement corrective measures
  • Data entry for “At Risk” and “Termed” employees
  • Ability to analyze data to address main attrition reasons

Easily export reports from training completion rates to coach log entries, virtually all data can be pooled to fit any reporting requirements.

  • Determine who hasn’t completed their training
  • Ensuring all agents have received consistent coaching and follow up
  • Monitor your teams attrition rates